Booking the Perfect Hotel

When seeking out your dream luxury hotel in Bath, you ought to keep in the back of your mind the interests and passions of yourself and your partner or friends. If you're a fitness freak, a well-equipped state-of-the-art gym is a must for a luxury getaway at your favorite destination in England, Bath. Likewise, if you're a stickler for a cozy swimming pool along with a hot, foamy Jacuzzi to accompany, these are facilities to keep an eye out. In fact, some four and five-star hotels in Bath, England will offer you an in-house customized meal preparation service by their English and international chefs, beauty and hair salon services, and much more.

Staying Luxury on a Shoestring Budget in Bath

If you're spending your hard-earned money on a stay for your loved ones and yourself at one of the finest luxury hotels in bath, you ought to get the biggest bang for your buck. Using a price comparison calculator on popular travel websites is one way to go about finding the best deals on a luxury Bath stay. Another means of ensuring that you get the best value for money on your stay is through use of traveler review websites on the web to ensure you aren't scammed.

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Our Favourite Picks for Luxury Hotels

Traditional luxury hotels, such as the Royal Crescent feature in-house spas, a cocktail bar, and so much more. In terms of the highest ranks of hotelier grandeur and price in Bath are the big three hotels of Bath Bath Spa, Royal Crescent, and Bath Priory. What you'll uniquely notice about all three fierce competitors is the heavy emphasis on provision of world-class spa facilities. The Bath Priory is located just along the city edge and decorated in that cozy English country-house layout. It comes accompanied by a Michelin-star in-house restaurant, 4-acre gardens, indooroutdoor pools, and freshly grown vegetables, not to mention the compulsory luxurious bathrooms and suites. Transport to the city-centre is not much of an issue from the Bath Priory, in spite of its location, as Bath is a small city and public transport is most convenient.

The Royal Crescent hotel, on the other hand, also promises you the most breathtaking time in the quaint little city of Bath. This five-storey piece of impressive British architecture stands tall and proud smack-down in the centre of town. The surrounding buildings are also impressive beyond measure. It's hard to imagine a guest waking up in this fine palace for a weekend away and to leave Bath not wanting to come back, if only for another stay at the Royal Crescent Spa. What this spa seamlessly does is combine modern interiors with traditional, yet classy services and breathtaking interiors. They also feature a child-free section in the adult spa.

Other Smart Accommodation Options in Bath

Now, coming in fourth place is the Macdonalds Bath Spa Hotel. Now, we've got mixed feelings about this one, because although it is hard to ignore, it can be troublesome to love this place too! This establishment offers its VIP guests some of the finest spa facilities in England. However, on the outset, the hotel may come across to you as slightly dull, imposing, and quite average, to say the least.

So, as a parting word of advice select wisely and compare widely when looking to book your luxury hotel stay in Bath. After all, choose the perfect hotel and that's half the work done when it comes to planning the perfect weekend away with your loved one!